Welcome to the future of webhosting.

Our philosophy is that only the best is good enough for our customers. That is why we’ve built our web hosting on Google’s insanely fast, and ridiculously stable cloud infrastructure.

Future-Proof Infrastructure

Secure, global, high-performance, cost-effective and constantly improving. We’ve built our cloud for the long haul.

Environmentally Friendly

Our infrastructure is entirely carbon-neutral. Google's global network of data centers consume 50% less energy than the typical datacenter.

Global Reach

With caches at more than 90 sites around the world, Cloud CDN is always close to your users.

Included in all plans.

Easy-To-Use Control Panel

Be up and running in minutes and devote your time where it truly matters. Our control panel makes site management easy and enjoyable. View usage statistics and manage Emails, Domains, DNS, Backups and more.

Free SSL Out of The Box  

Make your customers feel safe with SSL. All websites hosted on templ.io obtain a trusted certificate free out of the box. No setup required.

Choose Your Data Center

Minimize load times by placing your sites where your audience is. Hosting a website close to your end-users will improve speed and latency up-to 90%.

Managed Security

Security settings consumes your time and creates unnecessary headaches. We manage security for you and keep your website safe at all times so that you can devote your time to grow your business.

Free Migration Service

Migration can be a real hassle, but not at templ.io. Our team of experts will take care of everything for you. We’ll give you a temporary domain so you can make sure everything works before pointing your domain to us.

Automatic Daily Backups

We perform daily automatic backups of your website, and store them for up to a month. We even offer a quick and easy 1-click restore function, but we hope you won’t have to use it.

Optimized for WordPress

We truly love WordPress and we have the means to prove it. Templ.io runs on WordPress + WooCommerce, and we optimize our servers accordingly so that you don’t have to.

Easy Scaling as You Grow

Make your sites more juicy in an instant and be sure you are ready for success. Our infrastructure is built to allow for server resources to be scaled up as your business grows and the demands on your website increase.

Your Own Cloud server

Enjoy your own private Google Cloud server - optimized for WordPress & Woocommerce. Say goodbye to shared hosting where other sites can hurt your loading times and compromise your sites security.

Built On Rock-Solid Software

Allows us to leverage a near infinite amount of resources to scale your WooCommerce store.

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Templ.io Let's Encrypt
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Templ.io Google Cloud

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