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WordPress managed updates. Focus on what you do best – growing your business.

An up-to-date website is a healthy site. Minimize the risk of getting hacked with Templ’s regular updates carried out by hand. Free of charge during your first 12 months at Templ WordPress hosting.

Templ WordPress-uppdateringar

What is included?

Monthly updates of WordPress, plugins, and theme – carried out by hand. Discovered vulnerabilities are fixed within 24 hours. Free the first year. Then monthly cost of 49 USD per website.

  • Update to the latest version of WP
  • Update to latest version of plugins
  • Update to latest version of theme
  • Immidate upgrade of plugins with known vulnerabilities

“The level of service has been excellent from the start, and they keep delivering. I feel confident now that Templ handles the upgrades, knowing that everything is up-to-date and secure. ”

Jacob Sagmeister


Frequently Asked Questions

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With automatic updates you run the risk that the website will stop working, due to that the latest versions of WordPress, plugins and theme not always are compatible. We do updates manually on a staging site, and make sure it works before we update the live site.
We verify that the website is functioning properly by checking that the start page loads and hasn’t changed visually, that no hidden errors block backend functionality, and that no new JavaScript error messages have been added.
Sure. Please contact us in the chat if you are interested in using the service for more than one website.
Yes, it’s possible for a charge of 100 USD per hour.
To active the updates simply contact us in the chat, or send an email to support@templ.io
Yes, that’s possible.

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