Smart and secure email – free of charge

Send email with your own domain via the world’s most popular email services – Gmail and Sendgrid.

The easy way to create and manage email

Create any number of email addresses for your own domain and direct them to Gmail. Catch emails sent to non-existent or incorrect addresses associated with your domain by adding a catch-all address. Set up Gmail to send with your own domain name and you are ready to go.


Superior inbox with Gmail

Gmail is ridiculously robust, secure, fast, and always available. It is the world's largest email service, with over 1.8 billion users. Gmail has the most advanced spam filter on the market, blocking spam, malware, and dangerous links before they ever reach your inbox. If you prefer to use Outlook or Apple Mail, you can easily sync them with Gmail using IMAP.


Safe delivery with SendGrid

At Templ, we use SendGrid for delivery of email - a leader in trusted email delivery that sends over 100 billion emails monthly and services over 80000 customers globally, including Spotify, Uber, and Airbnb. Sendgrid ensures high deliverability and traceability of your email, whether it is sent manually from Gmail or automatically from your website.

Google Workspace

Workspace for enhanced email management

If you run a larger organization, it is even more critical that email and hosting are kept separate. For companies needing better control of employee email accounts, we recommend Google Workspace. Workspace simplifies collaboration between colleagues and includes a premium version of Gmail with double storage capacity. It looks and works similarly to the free version, so upgrading to Workspace is a breeze.

Invisible email
Convenient and invisible

Email forwarding removes the need to keep track of additional mailboxes. All emails to your custom domain addresses are delivered to Gmail, without anyone knowing.

Private email

Templ takes privacy seriously. We do not store or read emails forwarded to your inbox - no one except you can access your emails.

Email seperated from hosting
Separation ensures reliability

At Templ, websites are hosted on reliable cloud instances, separately from email, and even in the extremely rare case that a cloud instance is completely down, it would never cause your email to fail.