Hacked site fix guarantee

We’ll work for free to fix your hacked site

Get help to eliminate malicious code and secure your site from future hacks.

Security first

Templ prioritizes security. Files and databases are automatically scanned for malware. Your website is checked every 3 minutes - if anything suspicious is detected, Templ's support team responds immediately. Vulnerabilities are identified automatically and addressed before they can be exploited by hackers.

A bold guarantee

If your WordPress site does become infected with malicious code while hosted at Templ, we'll help you fix it for free. We provide this bold guarantee because we are confident in the robust protection of your website from the beginning. At Templ, your website is hosted in an environment isolated from other websites. This significantly enhances basic security compared to traditional web hosting, where an infection on one site easily spreads to others.

How we proceed

Upon detecting an infection, we inform the website owner and temporarily password-protect the site to prevent further spread of the infection. We trace how the infection occurred, address the root cause, and then restore infected files. Finally, we inform the owner of the infection's cause and the measures taken to remove the malicious code and prevent future attacks.