Speed Optimization

No one likes a slow site.

Get help optimizing your site to make it even faster.

Set up for speed

Speed impacts conversion and the ranking of your website in search engines, so its importance cannot be overstated. Templ specializes in and is optimized for WordPress. Your website is hosted in an isolated environment with scalable resources on one of the fastest clouds in the world.. It's all set up for a blazing-fast website.

Optimize for an even faster site

When moving Templ, we speed optimize your site for free, eliminating any issues that may stop your website from reaching its full potential. The optimization includes, but is not limited to: a database cleanup to make the site lighter, conversion to WebP image format, and a review of plugins with suggestions for more efficient alternatives. We also activate Templ Cache and Templ Optimizer - two plugins that can further speed up your site.

Websites are faster at Templ

We have migrated thousands of websites to Templ, and the fact is that all of them have increased their speed compared to previous web host. On average, websites moving to Templ experience a remarkable 200% increase in speed.