Stress-free site updates with staging

Test out new ideas on a staging site before you go live.

Test at ease

When it's time to make changes or updates to your site, you want to avoid doing them directly on the live site, as there's a risk the site will be affected or even break. A staging site is a copy of your website where you can test your work. Once you've verified that everything works, you can publish the changes to the website with a single click.

You decide what to include

When copying from the staging site to the website, you decide whether to copy only the theme and plugins or also include the database. It's also possible to select exactly which folders and files to copy or exclude.

Update WordPress safely

Updating WordPress can be intimidating. Unexpected problems can arise and your website may even break. Instead, update to the latest WordPress version on the staging site, verify that everything works, and then apply the changes to the live site.

Avoid the stress

You might have a small code change to perform or want to alter a design detail, but are uncertain about how it will impact the website as a whole. Test it on the staging site before pushing it to the live site, confident that the website won't break.