8 Tips to Drive More Sales to your WooCommerce Store

Did you just complete your WooCommerce Store and you are waiting for customers? Here are 8 tips to drive more sales to your WooCommerce store!

Get more WooCommerce Sales

Did you just complete your WooCommerce Store and you are waiting for customers? It’s important to remember that customers won’t just come out of nowhere. At first, you need to go ahead and start promoting your business the best way you can. With that in mind, here are some quick ideas you can use to promote your business the right way.


1. Use Facebook Ads

A thing to note about WooCommerce Stores is that they have very good social media integration, and you can use this to your advantage.

With Facebook Ads, all you need to do is to target the right region and market. You also have to think about the demographics. Adding an informative image or video is crucial here, and it may lead to an impulse buy if you do it adequately, or at least you can capture people interested in your product, and retarget them later on with the help of the Facebook Pixel, perhaps offer those people a small discount as well.

Don’t pull your hair out if you don’t get the results you want straight away, especially if you’re just getting started with Facebook Ads, it takes time and patience. Always try to improve your ads!

We recommend that you start by installing the Facebook Pixel on your WooCommerce store, it’s a must have if you are going to use Facebook ads.

If you want to study your competition, Buzzsumo.com allows you to analyze what content performs best for any topic or competitor (you can do 3-4 searches per day for free on their website).

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2. Write guest posts on established websites

Guest posts are always very important because they can give you a lot of exposure in the online world. We recommend you to use this option if you want to have your WooCommerce Store’s exposure taken to the next level. We recommend you to that you contact sites like The Huffington Post, Forbes and similar established websites. As long as you avoid rushing and you get the right links to your site, you can get maximum exposure.


3. Send emails to customers

Using the power of email marketing can also be very helpful. Customers almost always open informative or enticing emails, so you do have a great chance to receive more exposure to your WooCommerce Store this way. The idea is to focus on what your audience wants and offer them the best way to achieve those goals.

Send messages to customers that already purchased from your WooCommerce Store as well. You do need new customers, but you also want to focus on customer retention. This is very important, and it can offer you a whole lot of benefits and recurring sales.

It’s also a good idea to share a freebie when the customer comes to your site. How do I know that a freebie is a good idea? We do it right here on WooTemple! We offer a 10-day trial period to all of our customers, so that they can try our Cloud Hosting before they buy, and it has worked really well for us, and our customers appreciate that they can try before they buy.


4. People like free stuff. Send some samples!

If you sell great products on your WooCommerce Store, you need to let people know about it. What you can do here is to try and send some free samples to influencers, bloggers as well as magazines and anyone you can for that matter. The more exposure you get in the online world, the better the results will be. You can try to use influencers first, and more specifically YouTubers. YouTube has a massive exposure and audience, so sharing ideas and products on the platform can be very well worth your time.

If you are selling physical products, you can send free samples to YouTubers in exchange for a product review and a link to your website/product in their video. YouTubers that review products for their channels usually have their email address somewhere on their channel. Write them an email and get in touch with them, don’t start a conversation in the YouTube comments.


5. Ask people to leave reviews on your WooCommerce Store and on review sites

The way this helps you is that it boosts your search ranking. On top of that, the product reviews also encourage people to purchase, the more reviews you have on a product, the more attractive it will be. The idea is to be focused on getting the best possible results here, so try to talk with your audience and encourage them to leave a review each time they purchase new stuff from you.

Forced reviews can be negative at times, so don’t try to force people into leaving reviews. Popups that appear all the time are things you want to avoid. But what you can do is to make sure that you focus on naturally talking with the customers and letting them know how those reviews will benefit you.

Another thing that you can do is to ask your customers to leave a review and offer them a coupon code for their next purchase; it’s a win-win for you and the customer.


6. Always add a call to action

Use social media and other means to promote your WooCommerce Store and its products. It’s crucial to always add a call to action. If you don’t ask your audience to take action, they probably won’t. Never forget that call to action button!


7. Write blog articles!

It may seem obvious, but a lot of companies don’t do it. If you have a WooCommerce Store, you do need to have a blog and share content on there. Blogs bring you constant exposure, not to mention that in the end, this will bring you a stellar set of benefits in a short time, just keep your blog fresh and frequently updated, you do need to give your readers a reason to come back.

You can also notify your user base by sending them a monthly newsletter with your recent or best blog posts. And remember to keep your posts informative; don’t waste anyone’s time.


8. Speed up your WooCommerce Store

If your website is slow, your potential customers will leave your website and probably never come back. A fast website is key to selling more products. You want to have a fast website straight away, don’t “fix it later”.

Invest in what matters, a speedy website should be your top priority. Once you have a fast website, you can focus on everything else. We at WooTemple offer blazing fast Cloud Hosting powered by Google Cloud Platform, and our price won’t break your wallet either.

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There are many ways you can drive sales to your WooCommerce Store, and these are just a few. As long as you have patience and you focus on each of the steps listed above, results will shine. We recommend you to focus on value and quality, because that’s what you want to bring to your audience, right?


What did you think about our tips? Do you want more tips on how to drive more sales to your WooCommerce Store? Leave a comment below and we will make happen.

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