andEverywhere is a proactive agency that guides the client through the entire process, from website planning to execution and launch. After the launch, they aim to be seen as a partner actively assisting the client with campaign ideas and improvements to increase sales. Simply put, andEverywhere helps the client succeed online. As Stefan puts it, “We not only tell the client how they can increase their sales exponentially, we also do the job.”

Templ has proven to offer just as good performance, at a significantly lower cost, and with outstanding support. It feels like we’re buddies.

Stefan came across Templ while assisting a couple of clients who had their websites hosted there. He was satisfied with the agency’s previous hosting provider, so it took some time before they decided to switch to Templ. The extensive support provided by Templ was decisive in their decision. “The support is incredible in any situation. The knowledge that we can get help within seconds, no matter the issue, is invaluable to us. Additionally, Templ saves us a lot of time by handling tasks like client migration.” explains Stefan.

Compared to all the other hosting providers encountered over the years, it’s like night and day. Templ is magically good.

andEverywhere experiences the same personal relationship with Templ as they do with their clients. The agency receives the same level of understanding from Templ that they show their own clients, and that is important to Stefan: “Templ understands what we, as an agency, do, and they even step in sometimes to dig into code or plugins if we’re stuck with a bigger problem.”

Our clients’ websites become lightning-fast.

Performance and support are the main reasons why andEverywhere continues to use Templ. “Good services and good online stores require excellent performance. It simply doesn’t work to go with a standard ‘popular’ hosting provider. You think it works fine, and it’s cheap until you realize the difference. Especially for an agency like ours, having a partner that understands what we do on a deeper level is crucial. If it tastes like lobster and champagne, it’s worth paying more than the standard options. You can get full on Burger King too, but it’s just not the same. We want to work with clients who have demands and ambitions at every step of the way,” concludes Stefan.

Templ wishes andEverywhere good luck and looks forward to a continued fruitful collaboration.