With the environment in mind, Brallor creates high-quality products with unique prints, in eye-popping colors and bold details. Their largest channel of sales is the online store brallor.com, so quick load times and reliable uptime is of the utmost importance.

It started with a project on a consultancy basis.

Templ got in touch with Brallor on a WordPress group on Facebook. One of the owners – Erik Sandberg – was asking for help with their website. After succesfully completing the project, we started talking hosting! It turned out their current host was far from satisfying their needs.

The load times on our previous host were terrible, and the cost was well above that of Templ.
Their support sucked and could hardly ever help us with anything. It’s big difference after the move to Templ.

After an initial discussing we could point to three main issues with the previous solution:

  • Bad support
  • Slow load time
  • Too expensive

We analyzed the site and listed their requirements:

  • Performance that could handle at least 1000 visitors per day.
  • Faster load times
  • Better uptime
  • Accessible and knowledgable support
  • Migrate email to office 365
  • Domain name configuration

Considering Brallor’s requirement on traffic, we suggested our Medium plan. To meet their requirements on support, we provided them with two of our support staff that went over their site in detail, and that always at least one of them would be available during 3am-11pm local time.

We had three main goals with changing hosting solution. So far Templ has meet all of them. The support has been responsive, and solves basically everything without endless questions or any other hassle.

After helping them migrate the site to Templ, we also took over configuration of domains and email.

To the left: Before migrating. To the right: After migrating to Templ.

Brallor lowered their frontpage’s loadtime with 24% after moving to Templ. Thanks to smooth migration and fast load times, Brallor quickly referred Templ to another well-known up and coming brand, who also decided to move over their site.