Since DI was founded within a group of multiple IT companies, they have always collaborated with major IT companies, advertising agencies, and media agencies. Experiences from these collaborations have taught the web agency to master any difficulties that may arise with deliveries, hourly rates, quotes, and customer service. “In short, we are the best collaborative partner for IT companies in Sweden,” summarizes one of Digital Island’s owners, Gustav Trolle.

It’s the fast and professional support that sets Templ apart from other hosting providers.

DI heard positive things about Templ early on, and after a test-drive of the host in 2019, they decided to migrate their first site. Gustav explains, “You (Templ) had everything we needed. You have fast and professional support, which in turn allows us at Digital Island to offer the same to our customers. Customers’ websites also receive the quality they deserve.” Today, the agency has 85 sites hosted with Templ.

Speed is, of course, also of great importance when web agencies choose a hosting provider. Gustav continues, “The speed is significantly higher and better than Templ’s competitors.”

When asked if other agencies should try Templ, Gustav says, “We at Digital Island have tested many of Templ’s competitors, and we know that Templ is the best when the web agency works with WordPress.”

Templ looks forward to continued collaboration with Digital Island, who, like many other web agencies, has discovered the advantages of Templ.