The website’s main purpose is to provide information about the organization’s work, but is also an important platform for collecting gifts from individuals and businesses.

Major issues with their previous web host

On the previous host the website was slow and sometimes not even accessible at all. This prevented them from receiving gifts and reach out with their message in a satisfactory way.

After meeting and doing a thorough review of the website together, we were able to determine that website was in need of the following:

  • Improved speed
  • Increased reliability (uptime)
  • Extensive and accessible WordPress support
  • SSL certificates that are activated and renewed automatically

The SSL certificate was activated automatically in connection with the move to Templ, as usual.

After migrating the website to Templ, we could see a significant improvement in speed, with the start page load time being cut by half.

To the left: Before migrating. To the right: After migrating to Templ.

The organization had also grown out of the previous host’s email solution, so we helped them set up a new one on Office 365. 18 addresses were created and all email history was transferred from the previous provider.

The website was placed – like all websites on Templ – on reliable Google Cloud. Security was further improved thanks to the automatic checks that Templ performs every three minutes. This put an end to UN Women Sweden’s worry around downtime.

With Templ, we have never had the problems we experienced with our previous host. Their WordPress expertise and quick support help us a lot in the work with our website.

Louise Waller

Like many other non-profits, UN Women has limited resources, making it difficult to maintain a website. Templ’s flexible and knowledgeable support allows them to spend more time where it is needed most – to help vulnerable women and girls around the world.

“With their accessibility and knowledge, Templ can serve as a support for non-profit organizations that often experience challenges with resources. We are very pleased with Templs’ support and appreciate the quick replies, personal approach, and effective problem-solving ability” says Louise Waller at UN Women Sweden.

We at Templ are grateful to be able to contribute to helping UN Women Sweden in its important work for a more equal and better world. If you want to know more about UN Women’s work, we recommend that you visit the website here: UN Women Sweden.