Terms of Service

Published: 17 August 2023

Effective: 1 September 2023


These terms of service govern the relationship between the Customer and Wootemple AB (hereinafter referred to as Templ), company registration number 559123-5105, and cover all services offered by Templ.

By registering an account with Templ, the Customer accepts these terms, unless otherwise stated, and is bound by them for as long as the account exists.


The Customer must be at least 18 years old to order Templ's services.

The Customer, as a party to the agreement, is responsible for having the right and permission to do so.

Templ reserves the right to refuse an order if Templ believes that the Customer may abuse the service.

Free Trial

Templ may offer the Customer a free trial period for a limited time. The Customer may be required to provide payment information to sign up for such a free trial period.

If the Customer provides payment information, they will not be charged until the free trial period has expired. At the end of the trial period, if the service has not been terminated, the Customer may be automatically charged the applicable fee for the selected service.

Templ reserves the right to change the terms of free trial offers or cancel such offers at any time and without notice.


Payment for services is primarily made with debit or credit cards. The Customer assures and guarantees that: (i) they have the legal right to use the debit or credit card; and (ii) the information provided is true, accurate, and complete. The Customer grants Templ the right to disclose the information to third parties to facilitate the purchase.

Templ reserves the right to refuse or refund a payment if fraud or unauthorized or illegal transactions are suspected.

The Customer is primarily charged automatically and in advance for the selected service period, unless otherwise specified.

The Customer is obligated to pay for services until they are terminated, even if not utilized or if the Customer's account is suspended.

Excess bandwidth beyond the amount included in the ordered service will be charged afterward and added as an additional fee to the upcoming payment, or deducted from the Customer's available credit, if any.

Upgrading a hosting service, i.e., adding or changing something that increases the monthly cost, will result in payment of the prorated cost for the upgrade. Such payment can be deferred to the next recurring payment of the hosting service, paid immediately, or charged from the Customer's available credit, if any.

A downgrade, on the other hand, results in a prorated amount added as credit to the Customer's account. The credit is automatically used to pay future payments.

In Sweden, Templ offers invoice payment for hosting services with a 30-day payment term. Customers who choose to pay by invoice receive credit corresponding to the fixed cost of the ordered hosting service and the selected service period, unless otherwise stated. In addition to the fixed cost, additional charges may apply for excess bandwidth and/or increased disk space, which may result in insufficient credit to pay for the service for the entire selected period. Similarly, upgrading to a plan with a higher price may also lead to insufficient credit to pay for the entire selected period.

Invoices are sent as e-invoices or as PDFs via email, either to the email address provided during account registration or to a specific invoice address chosen by the Customer.

The Customer is responsible for providing the correct reference (e.g., OCR number) when making a payment so that Templ can match the payment with the correct invoice.

In case of non-payment or late payment of an invoice, late payment interest, reminder fees, and, in some cases, collection fees may apply in accordance with Swedish law.

Renewal of Service

Hosting services paid by debit or credit cards will automatically renew if not terminated before the next recurring payment. For invoice payment, a new invoice will be sent when the available credit has been depleted.

Domain names will be automatically renewed if "automatic renewal" is enabled. If "automatic renewal" is not enabled, the Customer is responsible for renewing the domain no later than its expiration date, otherwise, the domain will expire.

Right of Withdrawal for Consumers

Private individuals have the right to withdraw from the agreement by notifying Templ via email within 30 days from the date of ordering a service.

The right of withdrawal does not apply to domain names and tasks invoiced afterward, such as consulting assignments.


To terminate a service, the Customer must contact Templ via email or chat. Templ will respond with a confirmation that the termination will be processed. Only the registered contact person on the Customer's account or the authorized signatory has the right to request termination.

No refund of remaining credit and/or unused services will be provided to the Customer upon termination.

Templ reserves the right to terminate the agreement if the Customer breaches the terms of the agreement.

Upon termination or at any time after termination, the Customer can request that Templ delete all customer data.


Templ reserves the right to suspend hosting services 7 days after the payment due date or non-payment. The hosting service will remain suspended until payment is received.

Templ reserves the right to delete all data related to the hosting service if payment is not received within 30 days after the due date or non-payment.

The service may also be suspended due to a police report, suspected criminal use, if required by the legal authorities, or if the Customer does not use the service in accordance with the terms described in this or other agreements.

Templ reserves the right to suspend services without notifying the Customer.

Changes to Services

Templ reserves the right to change the scope and content of services and to upgrade/update or remove features that Templ deems unsatisfactory at any time.

In the case of substantial changes and price increases, Templ will notify the Customer via email at least 30 days in advance.

Changes to Customer Data

Templ reserves the right to check, modify, and delete parts of the Customer's data in connection with troubleshooting, identifying malicious code, and in cases related to misuse of the service.

Transfer of Services

The Customer may transfer services after obtaining permission from Templ. Both the transferor and transferee must approve the transfer. The transferor is responsible for payment commitments that occurred before the transfer, while the transferee is responsible for payment commitments that arise after the transfer. Before the service can be transferred, the transferor must settle any outstanding debts to Templ.

Guaranteed service availability

Templ guarantees a service availability of 99.95%. The availability is calculated as follows:
The total number of minutes of downtime during the affected calendar month
DIVIDED BY (total number of minutes during the affected calendar month MINUS excused downtime).

Excused downtime includes:

SLA credits

The Customer may receive a credit if Templ fails to meet the service availability for the current month ("SLA credits"). To obtain SLA credits, the Customer must make a written request to Templ within 30 days of the event that gives rise to such credit. The credit is based on the service availability calculated by Templ and cannot exceed the total amount of fees paid by the Customer for the month in which the availability was not met. The credit is forfeited upon termination and cannot be paid in cash.

Other Compensation and Damages

Templ is only liable for damages caused by Templ's negligence, and claims for compensation must be notified to Templ within 10 working days after the discovery of the damage.

Compensation is limited to a total amount equivalent to the current month's fee for the service.

Compensation or damages cannot be claimed for indirect damages such as lost profits and lost revenue. Compensation or damages cannot be claimed for loss and/or distortion of information due to, for example, unauthorized intrusion by third parties.

Permitted Use

The Customer is responsible for using Templ's services only for purposes compatible with Swedish law and ensuring that the information published and disseminated is not copyright-protected.

The Customer agrees not to use the services, and not to allow third parties to use the services:

If the Customer uses the service in a manner that Templ deems not in accordance with the above, Templ reserves the right to request that the Customer rectify the deficiencies or partially or fully shut down the service.

Force Majeure

Templ is not liable for damages or other consequences if Templ's commitments are hindered or seriously impeded by Force Majeure events, such as natural disasters, war and terrorism, labor disputes, pandemics, legislative or governmental actions, and similar events.


Legal issues from any disputes concerning the interpretation or application of this agreement shall be determined by a Swedish court. If both parties agree, another method for resolving the dispute may be used.

Domain Names

Registration of domain names is handled by Templ through the top-level domain registry. In cases where it is not possible, a third party is used. In these cases the Customer's contact information may need to be shared with the third party.

For each top-level domain, specific conditions from the respective registry apply, which the Customer accepts when ordering domain names. Violation of these conditions is considered a breach of the agreement.

Templ reserves the right to act as administrative, technical, and/or billing contact for domain names in cases Templ deems necessary.

If the Customer's domain name is not paid on time, it will not be renewed by Templ. The Customer is responsible for ensuring that the payment reaches Templ no later than the due date.

No refunds are made for fees for registered domain names.

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