7 Reasons Why Cloud Hosting is The Future (And Why You Should Switch Today)

Top 7 reasons why cloud hosting is the future - and why you should make the switch today. Spoiler alert: maximum hosting performance for your money.

We have all heard that having a fast loading website is important – especially as a ecommerce store owner.

But do you know just how important it is?

One second longer load times would cost Amazon $1.6 billion a year (yes, $1.6 billion!), according to Fast Company.

The big guys like Amazon, Walmart and Apple, to name a few, they all know this – and they all spend millions of dollars on state-of-the-art infrastructure to make sure that their websites always load blazingly fast.

But what about you and me?

Most of us don’t have that kind of money laying around just waiting to be spent, let alone on servers!

Instead, most people are still using old-fashioned “shared hosting”, where huge numbers of websites are squeezed onto one and the same server. Something that is often both slow and insecure.

So, what can we do to increase the performance of our websites without having to spend a fortune and set up our own server?

Enter cloud hosting!

Cloud hosting lets smaller players like you and me use the same kind of computing power as the big guys – without spending millions of dollars.

The internet mega giants that is Amazon and Google now both offer their clouds to the public, letting anyone tap into their huge amount of server resources.

Cloud hosting – the future of web hosting?

Cloud hosting is pretty much a dream come true as it is highly affordable, remarkably stable and super easy to scale to almost infinite levels.

It is the best way to get maximum hosting performance for your money.

But speed is just one of many advantages of cloud hosting.

Below I will list the top 7 reasons why cloud hosting is the future – and why you should make the switch today.

If you haven’t already…

1. Easy to scale (and scales really, really big)

One of the top benefits of cloud hosting is scalability.

The sheer size and power of the big clouds are almost unimaginable.

Sure, the day might never come when you would need even a fraction of the raw power that’s available to you, but it sure is good knowing that it’s there, and that lack of hosting power won’t be holding you back as your business grows.

Cloud hosting makes scalability very easy, and you can also scale really big. With traditional shared hosting on the other hand, your choice is limited to the preconfigured physical servers that the host have decided to offer.

Flexible scalability is incredibly important to ecommerce websites to be able to handle the enormous traffic spikes during special shopping holidays such as Black Friday and Cyber Monday, or if ones website would be mentioned by some big influencer.

With modern cloud hosting, a server can easily be reconfigured with just the click of a button. Just a way smarter solution!

2. Only pay for what you actually use

Another huge upside of cloud hosting is more flexible pricing.

In fact, cloud hosting lets you save money as you only pay for what you actually use.

Rather than paying up front for a fixed amount of resources that you may not end up using, like you do with traditional hosting, many cloud hosting providers offer their service as pay-as-you-go basis.

This means that you can tailor a server for your needs, decide how much CPU and RAM that you need, and pay for just that and nothing more.

This smarter payment method means less wasted resources, and more money saved for the customers.

cloud hosting for better security
Cloud hosting means better security

3. Isolation from others

Wouldn’t it suck if your site got slower when another site on the same host has a lot of traffic?

With traditional shared hosting – this is the reality.

In a shared hosting environment, you are sharing server and bandwidth with other users and your site’s performance are heavily affected by other sites usage. Something that are completely out of your control.

This problem is now solved!

With cloud hosting, there is much better isolation and your site has assigned dedicated resources and guaranteed performance. Unaffected by the use of others.

Increased isolation is not only good for performance but also for security reasons;

With increased isolation, your site is also better protected against viruses and malware as other sites on the same host won’t be able to infect yours.

4. Superior up time

Having a really high up time is a fundamental factor for your website’s SEO, and also for your customer satisfaction.

Google favors websites that are steadily available when deciding which sites to place among the top search results, and punishes websites that are unreliable and have poor uptime.

With cloud hosting you will typically get higher uptime as cloud hosting is a system of interconnected servers and has no single point of failure.

If one of the servers in a cloud host network goes down then another one will simply take over the workload of the failed server and the requested site will still be able to be served.

5. Environmentally friendly

While the environment might not be the first thing you consider when choosing a web host, cloud hosting is nonetheless a more environmentally friendly option.

Servers in a cloud is used up to 4x more efficiently compared to servers in a traditional data center.

The utilization rate is higher and servers are also powered down when usage is low, thus reducing electricity use and carbon emission.

Who would have thought that switching to better web hosting could be such a selfless act of goodwill? ?

6. Not tied to one physical location

Another reason why cloud hosting is so great is because the big clouds (Amazon and Google, that is) have multiple data centers spread out around the globe and that you can choose where you want to host your website.

No longer are you tied to one physical location that is where your host happened to be located.

Placing your website near your target audience is key to make sure that your website will load fast for your visitors.

With cloud hosting you have much more flexibility in this regard.

… And in today’s globalized world that additional flexibility could prove hugely valuable.

Rank up in Google
Cloud hosting is easy to scale big

7. Unrivaled performance

Last – but certainly not least – is performance.

The raw power of cloud hosting just can’t be beat!

With cloud hosting, the highest level of performance is guaranteed by the vast number of interconnected servers, which results in unbeatable performance and stability.

In the last few years, more and more internet companies are moving away from the headache that is managing its own servers and hardware, and instead choose to rely on cloud hosting provided by companies like Amazon and Google.

Netflix, for example, are hosted on the Amazon cloud (known as Amazon AWS).

And the Swedish music streaming giant Spotify rely on the Google Cloud platform to serve its 100+ million users with the music that they love.

That kind of hosting power is now available for everyone, even for smaller website owners.

Cloud hosting definitely is the future – and that future is here today!


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  1. Yes completely agree, cloud hosting has great future especially due to its disaster recovery and performance.

    1. Yeah, cloud hosting definitely has many advantages over traditional shared webhosting. One of the best things about it is the flexible configuration and pricing that makes it affordable for even smaller website owners to utilize the same infrastructure as the big guys are using. 🙂

      What web host are you using today?

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