Use Google Cloud in Australia for your WordPress website now

With a Google Cloud data center available in Australia, WordPress websites operating in the area will now be able to use it as a great hosting solution.

For people who run websites, these days, speed is of utmost importance because of changes in the Google algorithm. Simply put, if your website doesn’t have fast hosting and is poorly optimized your Google ranking will be lower than otherwise.

Using Google Cloud servers to host your website is an excellent choice. This is because they offer really fast servers that are secure and reliable. You could set up a server directly on the Google Cloud Platform yourself if you are tech-savvy or you could just use a web host that uses them. At Templ we are exclusively using Google Cloud Servers so our customers can get all the benefits it provides.

We are happy to see a Google Cloud server location in Australia, so that finally the WordPress community in Australia can reap the benefits of the Google Cloud Platform.

When you create a WordPress website with a hosting solution using Google Cloud like Templ you get to choose from the available data centers Google have all over the world, as for Australia, currently they have a data center in Sydney with another data center coming soon to Melbourne as well. If you choose to use Templ as your hosting provider for your WordPress website you can now select Sydney as the location for the website. This is useful for anyone with their main visitor base living in Australia, this will lead to low latency and fast loading speeds for them.

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