Why Templ.io Supports QUIC & Why Your Web Host Should Too

First we had HTTP. Then HTTP/2 came along and brought new features and speed improvements to the world wide web. Now, there’s QUIC which is yet another major leap in performance as well as security, and it’s a candidate to replace HTTP/2 and become HTTP/3. QUIC is a next generation internet protocol that is encrypted-by-default…

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What is Managed Cloud Hosting?

If you are not familiar with Managed Cloud hosting at all, then this article is for you! I’m going to assume that you know about traditional web hosting, you know, the one where if a server breaks, everything goes to hell, and everyone starts screaming, and thousands clients start calling the hosting company, because they’re…

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7 Reasons Why Cloud Hosting is The Future (And Why You Should Switch Today)

We have all heard that having a fast loading website is important – especially as a ecommerce store owner. But do you know just how important it is? One second longer load times would cost Amazon $1.6 billion a year (yes, $1.6 billion!), according to Fast Company. The big guys like Amazon, Walmart and Apple, to name a…

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